Journal Articles with Peer Review

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Editorials, Commentaries, and Reviews

Thompson, S. (2022). Understanding politics of effort in a right to housing: book review forum of The Right to Dignity: Housing Struggles, City Making, and Citizenship in Urban Chile by Miguel Pérez. International Journal of Housing Policy. DOI: 10.1080/19491247.2022.2084225.

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Thompson, S. (2018). Review of the book Indigenous Homelessness: Perspectives from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand edited by Evelyn J. Peters and Julia Christensen. Canadian Geographer, 62(3), e10-e11.

Public Scholarship

Steffen, R., Krish, B., Handscombe, D., Jamil, H., Lancione, M. and Thompson, S. (2022). ‘The rents keep on rising and so will we’: Reflections on the 2021 Rent Strike at Sussex University. Radical Housing Journal, 4(1), 117-133.

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Thompson, S., and Romisher, J. (2015). Vancouver Historical Tours: This City is Ours—A history of contentious space in Vancouver walking tour, Simon Fraser University and the Museum of Vancouver. Access:

Co-organizer and curriculum development, Am I Canadian? Defining Our Values, Semester of Dialogue, Simon Fraser University. Day-long public event consisting of workshops and dialogues to explore the complex meanings of what it means to be Canadian. Topics included immigration and labour struggles, faith and politics, and settler colonialism.

Research Reports and Working Papers

Colburn, G., Fyall, R., Thompson, S., Dean, T., McHugh, C., Moraras, P, Ewing, V., and Argodale, S. (2020). Impact of Hotels as Non-Congregate Emergency Shelters: an analysis of investments in hotels as emergency shelter in King County, WA during the COVID-19 pandemic. Access: