Research Projects

Vancouver Historical Walks

In 2015, I collaborated with a team of history students to produce Vancouver Historical Walks, a collection of walking tours that are encourage participants to engage with their city in new ways. The goal is that by participating in the walking tours, people will create new urban imaginaries for Vancouver and perceive urban spaces through a critical lens.

I worked on This City is Ours, which explored urban imaginaries through the theme of grassroots resistance against top-down governance. We wanted to explore the ways through which urban residents reclaimed space, often contrary to their governed purpose.

All of the tours are hosted on a digital platform, with websites and podcasts. This means that people can participate in the tours at a time that is convenient for them.

To produce the tours, we went through archived digital footage, first-hand accounts of events, and secondary sources to produce short narratives on each of the events. We then recorded and edited the tour’s podcasts, and created a website to host the tour which can be accessed here.

More information about the tour can be found on SFU’s website, or the website of the SFU Department of History.

In 2016 we created adapted a version of the tour to create a walking tour for the Museum of Vancouver, as part of their Your Future Home exhibit.

Am I Canadian? Defining Our Values – Public Dialogue

In 2013, as part of SFU’s Undergraduate Semester in Dialogue, our cohort created and facilitated the Am I Canadian? Defining Our Values public dialogue. The event combined workshops and dialogues to explore the complexities involved when it comes to deciding what it means to be Canadian.

There were several topics critically explored, including: multiculturalism, the role of language, Indigenous voices, faith and politics, and immigration and labour struggles.