Below are selected articles that were published during my time in student journalism (2009-2016).

The Runner:

April 2016: Taking Back History: Women in Defiance.

April 2016: CFS’ decline greatly significant for student lobbying groups.

April 2016: Where everybody knows your name: Vancouver zero-waste cafe works to build community over coffee.

February 2016: Fighting for Space: Women in Activism.

February 2016: Learning to Love Your Blood – Growing community of menstruation activists seek to destroy period taboo.

December 2015: Providing Refuge – Volunteers in Austria step up to help refugees.

October 2015: KPU withdraws from Memorandum of Understanding with Kinder Morgan.

September 2015: KSA Awaits Ruling in Case Against Canadian Federation of Students.

March 2015: Fireside Chats with Alan Davis – Hanging out with Harper.

March 2015: KPU Audits Expose Flaws with Executive Compensation Reporting.

January 2015: PuShing the Boundaries of Performance: Human Library, Le Grand Continental bring diversity to 2015 festival.

January 2015: To Be Free – KPU prof Russel Ogden faces restrictions on academic freedom.

November 2014: Let Me Be Your Wings – Passion lives on in aviation collectors in Lower Mainland.

December 2013: Everything Seems Impossible Until It’s Done – Remembering Mandela as a man more than his quotes.

April 2013: My Persuasion can Build a Nation – With looming election, B.C. still lacks equality in politics.

The Capilano Courier (selective):

November 2012: The Rat King – Surrounded by urban wildlife, everything comes back to rodents (pages 14-15).

April 2012: Facing the Unknown – The experience of being an au pair in a foreign country.

October 2011: The Subjectivity of Whose Voices Matter – Missing Women’s Inquiry loses valuable voices with lack of provincial funding.

January 2010: Candles Lights the Way for Omar Khadr – A valiant way to shed some light on a controversial situation.